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Circulars related to Vigilance matters
1. Improving vigilance administration-no action to be taken on anonymous/pseudonymous petitions/complaints No.3(v)/99/2 of CVC dated 29.06.99
2. Improving vigilance administration-no action to be taken on anonymous/pseudonymous petitions/complaints. No.98/DSP/9 of CVC dated 31.01.02
3. Improving vigilance administration-no action to be taken on anonymous/pseudonymous petitions/complaints No.98/DSP/9 of CVC dated 11.10.02
4. Disposal of complaints OO No.53/09/03 of CVC dated 23.09.03
5. Vigilance angle-definition of OO No.23/04/04 of CVC dated 13.04.04
6. Vigilance angle-definition of (partial modification) OO No.74/12/05 of CVC dated 21.12.05
7. Commission�s advice in cases not having vigilance angle OO No.11/02/04 of CVC dated 19.02.04
8. Procedure for making references to the Commission for seeking advice. No.NZ/PRC/1 of CVC dated 12.05.03
9. Procedure for making references to the Commission for seeking advice No.NZ/PRC/1 of CVC dated 26.02.04
10. References to the Commission for its advice No.NZ/PRC/1 of CVC dated 09.05.05
11. References to the Commission for its advice Circular No.14/3/06 of CVC dated 13.03.06
12. References to the Commission for its advice Circular No.15/4/08 of CVC dated 24.04.08
13. Guidelines to be followed by the authorities competent to accord sanction for prosecution u/s.19 of the PC Act OO No.31/5/05 of CVC dated 12.05.05
14. Strengthening of vigilance mechanism-Systemic Reforms and the role supervisory officers . OM No.372/4/2008-AVD-III of DOPT dated 24.06.08
15. Strengthening of vigilance mechanism-giving wide publicity to Government�s anti-corruption policies OM No.372/3/2008-AVD-III of DOPT dated 03.07.08
16. Jurisdiction of CVC in relation to the officers of the level of Group-B, Gazetted OO No.26/4/04 of CVC dated 16.04.04
17. Procedure in relation to officers of the level of Group-B F.No.DGIT(Vig.) /Misc.Instns./2004 of DGIT(Vig.) dated 02.12.04
18. Notification relating to Suspension Notification of DOPT dated 23.12.03
19. Suspension of Government servants-review of instructions OM No.11012/4/2003-Estt.(A) of DOPT dated 07.01.04
20. Consultation with the CVC in cases where action taken u/r.19(i) of the CCS(CCA) Rules. OM No.118/1/2005-AVD.III of DOPT dated 08.04.05
21. Difference of opinion between CBI & Administrative authorities OO No.1/1/04 of CVC dated 08.01.04
22. Processing of Files in Department of Revenue OO No.135/2005 of DOR dated 31.05.05
23. Processing of Files in Department of Revenue OO No.196/2005 of DOR dated 08.07.05
24. Delegation of power in respect of disciplinary action OO No.205/2005 of DOR dated 19.07.05
25. Gazetted Notification relating to Appointing Authority & Authority competent to impose penalties Notification of MOF, DOR, CBDT dated 05.10.88
26. Resignation from service-procedure. O.M. No.39/6/57-Ests(A)dated 06-05-1958 (MHA)
27. Procedure for making promotions and functioning of the department No,22011/3/88-Estt(D) dated11-05-1990 DOP&T
28. Promotion of govt. servants against whom disciplinary proceedings are pending No.22011/4/91-Estt(A) dated 14th Sept.1992 DOP&T
29. NFSG-Group A Officer-sealed cover procedure No,22038/1/02-Estt(D) dated08-01-2003 DOP&T
30. Cases of persons whose conduct is under investigation or against whom a charge sheet is pending- consideration for promotion No.22012/1/99-Estt.(D) dated 25-10-2004 DOP&T
31. Promotion of persons under going penalty-clarification regarding No.22034/5/04-Estt(D) dated15-12-2004 DOP&T
32. Guidelines regarding grant of vigilance clearance to members of Central Civil Services. No.11012/11/07-Estt.(A) dated 14-12-07
Suggestion for protection of informant F.No. DGIT(Vig.)/PV/sugg./2010-11
34. Change in procedure in grant of vigilance clearance for the purpose of issue of identity certificate/NOC to officers applying for passport. No.IV/401/01/05/2008 dt.5th October 2009
35. Sanction for prosecution u/s 19(1) of the Prevention of corruption Act No.107/13/2007-AVD-I 27th June 2008
36. Withdrawal /withholding /recovery of pension/gratuity in the case of minor penalty proceedings No.110/9/2003-AVD-I dated 13-04-2009
37. Grant of Honorarium to Inquiry Officers/Presenting Officers No.142/20/2008-AVDI dated27-07-2009
38. Guidelines for checking delay in grant of sanction for prosecution No.399/33/2006-AVD-II dated 06th November 2006
39. Procedure For Handling of Complaint By Field Offices DGIT(Vig.)/ Minutes- CVC/ 2004-05/ 7055 dated 03.02.2005
40. Reallocation of Work Related to Immovable Property Returns to DGIT(HRD) F No. 27013/6/2010/ Ad VI(A) dated 18.08.11
41. Guidelines Regarding Grant of Vigilance Clearance to Members of Central Civil Services No.11012/11/2007-Estt.A dated 27th September 2011
42. Reducing delay in Departmental Proceedings - ensuring availability of documents CVC Circular No.3/1/06 dated 18/01/2006
43. Improving Vigilance administration - Reducing delays in Departmental Inquiries CVC Letter No. 3(v)/99/7 dated 06.09.1999

Circulars related to RTI matters
1. Disclosure of information relating to occurrence/event/matter which took place 20 years back No.1/14/2007-IR dated 31-10-2007
2. Clarification regarding sub section (4) &(5) of section 5 of Right to information Act,2005. No.1/14/2008-IR dated 28-07-2008
3. Disclosure of file noting under Right to Information Act,2005 No.1/20/2009-IR dated 23-06-2009
4. Disclosure of third party information under RTI ,Act 2005 No.8/2/2010-IR dated 27-04-2010
5. Clarification regarding term information as defined in the RTI Act No.1/7/2009-IR dated 20-05-2011
6. Disclosure of movement / tour details of the officers /officials working in the vigilance departments of the Govt. organisation No.CVC/RTI/Misc/10/002
7. RTI applications received by a Public Authority regarding information concerning other public authority / authorities. O.M. of F-10/2/2008-IR of DOPT dated 24.09.2010

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