THE MEETING HAS BEEN  ATTENDED BY THE FOLLOWING:
                   ADMINSITRATION SIDE                                REPRESENTATIVES OF JCA SIDE 
1.       Shri N.K. Tyagi, C.E. (Civil)                         1. Shri. S. A. Raheem, General Secretary,
                                                                       AIPCWEA, NFPE. ( Head Clerk, PCD, Hyd)
2.       Shri V.K. Jain, SE(Civil),HQ.                       2. Shri G.Anthony Arumai Raj, DGS, FNPO
                                                                       3.  Shri Deepak Sharma. Member, NFPE
4. Smt Sarita Todi, ,Member, AIPCWEA, NFPE
5 .Shri Murali Krishna, Member,AIPCWEA, NFPE
6.   Shri Sudhir Kumar, Member,AIPCWEA NFPE
7. Smt. Anju Bala, Member,AIPCWEA, NFPE

         The following staff problems of the staff as referred by the representative of the
               JCA has been discussed and decisions taken as stated below:

1.       Filling up of posts as per CPWD norms:
                 Staff side represented that the posts in the existing offices of the Postal Civil Wing are not as per CPWD norms and needs to be reviewed and vacant posts should be filled up.  The norms of the CPWD have been submitted by the staff side to the Chief Engineer. The posts in all cadres like Junior Engineer ( Civil/Electrical ), Architectural Assistants Gr.II, Architectural Assistants Gr.I, Office Superintendent Head Clerks, Stenographers Gr.I/II, Draughtsman Gr.I/II,  Works Clerk Gr.I, Works Clerk Gr.II, Drivers Gr.I/II  Multi Tasking Staff, all cadres of Civil and Electrical Maintenance are reviewed and immediate action taken for filling them as the present staff are overburdened and being subjected to heavy physical and mental strain. The staff are required to sit very late and attend the office on almost all holidays for completing the work as each of the official is required to do the work of two or three seats in general.

                     The Chief Engineer has agreed to look into and will take it up at appropriate level for revival of abolished posts and decision will be taken within 3 months.  Till that time as per Chief Engineer’s Office Order No.8-7/2009-CEND/1469 dt 30/8/2010 no clerical staff will be transferred from one station to the other.  The Chief Engineer has agreed to write a letter to all the Superintending Engineer`s to work out justification of maintenance posts as per prevailing norms.  SEs would be asked to give proposal within 2 months.                                                                                         
1.       Creation of new offices in Civil Wing:
                   From the staff side, it has been requested for creation of one Civil Circle, one Electrical Division and one Architectural Division at the Headquarters of all CPMsG in consonance with territorial jurisdiction.  The staff side at the outset pointed out that it is a matter of great regret to note that the Central Headquarters and that too capital of India does not have Postal Civil Circle i.e., S.E.(Civil) office at the place where all the apex officers of the Department  of Posts and in particular at the Head quarters of the Chief Engineer ( Civil )are located.  Similarly, in many big States such as A.P. whose territorial jurisdiction is quite vast, only one Civil Division and one Electrical Sub-Division are functioning whereas in some States there are two to three Civil Divisions and one Electrical Division and one Architectural Circle and Division are functioning.
                   The Chief Engineer has stated that it may not be possible to open Civil Circle at all the Headquarters of CPMsG.  However, the case will be reviewed and wherever necessary,  proposal will be initiated with appropriate authorities for opening of new offices as per requirement separately.

                     However, the staff side has registered disagreement on this issue.

2.       Cadre review in Civil Wing:

                   The cadre review in Civil Wing has not been commenced so far.  Though there are clear orders from the DOPT for the cadre restructuring where there is limited scope of promotions for the staff.  As such, the staff side requests the Administration that the case should be initiated immediately and pass orders for the cadre restructuring of all the cadres in Postal Civil Wing.

                   The C.E. has stated that as far cadre review of Group A & B officers is concerned cadre controlling authority is D.O.T.  A reference will be made to D.O.T. in this regard.  As far as Technical cadres like JEs, Architectural Assistants, Draughtsman, Ministerial and Maintenance and other staff  action will be taken as per the Departmental  Rules and procedures and case will be processed at the earliest and the progress will be reviewed after 2 months.

3.       Transfers and postings of Ministerial staff:

                    The staff side requested for limiting the transfers of non-gazetted staff to the jurisdiction of the Postal Circle as per earlier order prevailing in the Civil Wing.  The staff side also mentioned that they are low paid employees and cannot afford for transfer from one State to other because of financial crises, children’s education, language problem and above all the old age parents’ responsibility.  Within the limited earnings, it is not possible for them to establish two headquarters one at native place and the other at the place of posting.  Hence, the staff side earnestly requests the Administration to consider this demand on sympathetic grounds and pass orders as requested above immediately.

                  The Chief Engineer stated that the matter will be considered favorably as per the views of the staff side and decision will be intimated in two months.
4.       Retention of Designation of Head clerks in Postal Civil Wing:

                 The staff side requested the administration that in similarly situated departments like CPWD, CCW of All India Radio despite 5th CPC recommendations the designation of Head clerk has not been changed for the reasons that HEAD CLERK in these departments do perform the duties of supervision unlike other Departments like GSI, Customs, Income Tax, Commercial Tax, Railway where prior to 5th CPC Head clerks without supervisory duties existed.  Hence, the Staff side requests for the retention of Head clerk designation in Postal Civil Wing at par with the similarly situated Departments and declare the Head clerk as supervisory cadre in Divisions as they supervise the works of establishment, correspondence and MTs staff working in the Division.  In Divisions Head clerks are directly under the control of Executive Engineer`s and perform the supervisory duties as per the directions of the Divisional Head.

                  In the absence of Head clerk in Divisions there are none to supervise the work in correspondence Branch where two Works Clerks Gr.I, Four Works Clerk Gr.II and four MTS staff are working. So far the Head Clerks were reporting in the Confidential Reports of the staff working in the Corresponding Branch of the Divisions. In support of their arguments the staff side has submitted letters dated 24/1/11 of the CPWD and extract of CPWD manual-1 pertaining to staff set up and yardsticks of the staff pertaining to CPWD for the information in support of the argument.

                The Chief Engineer has stated that the matter will be reviewed favorably on the facts submitted by the staff side and decision will be conveyed within 2 months.

5.       Forwarding of applications of the officials to other departments on deputation or on permanent absorption to higher posts:

                 Official side has brought to the notice of the Chief Engineer that in almost in all Circles Superintending Engineers are not forwarding the requests of the officials applying for higher posts to other department.  As such they are losing the chances and monetary benefits which is noted by the staff as curbing their rights for development.  Staff side requests the administration that all co-ordination Circles Superintending Engineers may be issued orders for considering the applications received from staff to go to other departments on deputation for consideration and for forwarding within the prescribed time limit
               The Chief Engineer stated that the matter will be taken up with coordination Circles in the light of the existing guidelines and orders issued with positive directions.
6.       Allowing clerical staff for examination like IPOs/JAO etc. in the Dept. of Posts:

              Staff side has raised discussion and pointed out that Postal Civil Wing staff are not being allowed for competitive examinations like IPOs/JAOs being conducted by the Department of Post which is incorrect and our staff may also be permitted to appear in the said examinations along with others as they posses the required qualifications and service conditions for appearing in the said examinations.

             The administrative side replied that it is not in their purview and suggested for taking up at appropriate level.

7.       Finalization of Recruitment Rules:

           Recruitment Rules of all cadres including maintenance in Postal Civil Wing have not been finalized yet in the light of 6th CPC orders.  Hence, the staff side requests the administration for the early revival of Recruitment Rules and finalize it within a month.

          The Chief Engineer replied that the matter will be taken up immediately and the  revision of Recruitment Rules will be completed within a period of 4 months.

8.       Forwarding of administrative orders to the Association:

          The staff side has brought it to the notice that the administrative orders/circulars being issued from the CE’s Office are not sent to the Associations and requested for furnishing the same with immediate effect.
     The Chief Engineer has accepted and orders will be henceforth marked to the Association.

              The meeting concluded with thanks to every one.
                                                                      (V.K. Jain)
                                                 Superintending  Engineer ( Civil ) HQ.
                                                               Dated 6th July 2011.
No.10-7/2009-CEND/1196                            Dated 7th July, 2011                                                                                                   
Copy forwarded for information to:
1.       Shri. S.A. Raheem,  General Secretary, All India Postal Civil Wing Employees Association, Flat No.206, Vishwapriya Ravula Plaza, Prashanthnager, Malakpet, Hyderabad.
2.       The Secretary General, FNPO, New Delhi.
3.       All the participants in the meeting.
4.       All Superintending Engineer`s  ( Civil / Electrical ), Senior Architects in Department of Posts.
5.       All Executive Engineer`s ( Civil / Electrical ), Architects in Department of Posts.

                                                                Superintending  Engineer ( Civil ) HQ.