Monday, June 18, 2012

Confirmation in Government Service – Service Matters

Confirmation in Government Service – Service Matters
Consequent on issue of Govt. orders, with effect from 1/4/88 confirmation will be made only once in the service in the entry grade, Confirmation de-linked from the availability of permanent vacancies in the grade. Therefore, an officer who has successfully completed the probation period may be considered for promotion.
The Departmental Promotion committee will determine fitness for confirmation, and the confirmation orders issued based on DPC recommendations when the case is cleared from all angles.

When recruitment rules do not provide any probation period to the post to which the officer has been promoted (based on the confirmation in the entry grade after following DPC procedure), the officer thus promoted to the grade will enjoy all the benefits that are available to the officer confirmed in that post.
When probation period is prescribed for the higher post, the appointing authority should assess the performance of the officer and declare him fit to cross the probation period or otherwise revert to lower post if his performance is not satisfactory. Rigorous screening of performance is necessary as confirmation is done only in the entry grade.
As a result of introduction of one time confirmation as the entry grade, lien to hold substantive post has undergo change.

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