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All Circle Secretaries/ Divisional Secretaries


Dear Comrades,

You are well aware that the Joint Action Committee of the Postal associations /Federations comprising of NFPE, FNPO, GDS AND all affiliates of Two major Federations issued an indefinite strike call from 17-1-2012 for the settlement of several justified and genuine staff issues that are unheard and un-attended by the staff side. As far as Civil Wing is concerned a meeting was held with the Chief Engineer (Civil ) on 1-7-2011 during which the following staff problems were discussed and a number of assurances were given to the JCA and none of them have been implemented in true spirit by the Directorate. It has been observed that the Department is bent upon passing the time without attending to the staff grievances. The CWP section in the Directorate meant for dealing with the cases of civil wing staff was kept WITHOUT SECTION OFFICER for several years and posted recently, which clearly shows the attitude of the department towards staff cases of civil wing. There is no transfer policy, no recruitment rules, no guidelines on distribution of work in offices, no yard-stick for offices, no recruitment of clerical / maintenance / draughrts men / Architectural Assistants / Stenographers is happening in Civil Wing. In other words it can be said that there is no administration at all in Civil Wing. The Superintending Engineer`s of the Co-ordination circles are functioning as per their desires as there is no one to ask them about the delay over the staff cases. Even the directions given by the Chief Engineer ( Civil ) in July 2011 such as working out justification of posts in maintenance based on the plinth area basis has been kept unattended till date. In view of the difficulties being faced by all our staff of civil wing this strike notice has been given in consultation with the Joint Council of Action. The problems of staff that have been included in the agenda are discussed below in detail for the information of all the comrades. We earnestly call upon all the staff of Civil Wing to mobilize, organize and participate in the INDEFINITE STRIKE FROM 17-1-2011.


1. Filling up of Posts in Civil Wing as per CPWD norms as agreed by the Chief Engineer (Civil) during the meeting with JCA on 1-7-2011 : - During the meeting held with the Chief Engineer © on 1-7-2011 with the representatives of the JCA it has been agreed to revive the abolished posts within three months. So far no action has been taken nor any reply regarding the progress sent to the association. The Chief Engineer has also agreed to get the posts of maintenance civil/Electrical worked out on the basis of CPWD yardstick for the creation of additional posts in the maintenance sections for the effective maintenance of Postal buildings. The Chief Engineer has issued a letter to all the SE`s in this regard but there is no response from any of the Civil Wing Circles, which shows the reluctant behavior of the Civil Wing Officers towards the staff grievances and also their attitude towards the development of Civil Wing. Hence, as agreed the abolished posts should be revived immediately and filled up to reduce the over burden on the existing staff who are working beyond office hours considerably and also on all public holidays.

2. Creation of New Offices in Civil Wing as per work load : - As per prevailing standards in CPWD the expenditure is the criteria for the creation of Division. A Division where the expenditure is crossed by Rs.3 Crores per annum for a consecutive three years a new division in the jurisdiction of that Division is to be created. It is brought to the notice of the department that after the inception of Postal Civil Wing till date no one has shown interest to review the expenditure of the Divisions (Civil/Elect) and to make efforts for the creation of additional Circles/Divisions/Sub-Divisions in the Postal Civil Wing. Because of this there is no expansion of Civil Wing has been done since 1993 i.e., from the time of formation of civil wing. In fact in many of the states the existing Divisions are incurring expenditure of above 10 to 12 crores per annum from the past decade. For instance A.P and Tamilnadu Civil Divisions are incurring over 10 crores of expenditure every year. Hence, there is justification for creation of more Divisions in these states. Similarly the position in other states should also be reviewed and new offices may be created immediately which will go in a big way for the promotions of our staff.

3. Cadre review in Postal Civil Wing as agreed by the Chief Engineer during the meeting with JCA held on 1-7-2011 : - During the meeting held on 1-7-2011 with the Chief Engineer categorical assurance was given to take up the case within 2 months. So far no action has been taken. Though there are clear orders for the cadre review in all departments from the DOPT and Postal Civil Wing being a very small organization and there are bleak promotional avenues in all the cadres the department should have given much importance to this problem and action initiated without reminder from the staff side. Contrary even after the raising of demand from staff side and assurance given by the department nothing has been done so far. Hence, this case should be given much importance and settled without further delay in consultation with association.

4. Issue of transfers and posting guidelines as agreed by the Chief Engineer during the meeting with JCA on 1-7-2011 : - There is no transfer policy or guidelines for the transfers of clerical staff in Postal Civil Wing and the Co-Ordination Superintending Engineer`s are transferring the staff as per their wish and bios. Hence, the case was discussed in the meeting with the Chief Engineer on 1-7-2011 wherein assurance has been given that the transfers of the clerical staff will be restricted to the territorial jurisdiction of the concerned Postal Circle. Despite assurance no orders have been issued and the staff are still being transferred from one state to the other state and the staff are being harassed over these transfers issue. Hence, orders as agreed by the Chief Engineer should be issued immediately.

5. Issuing of orders retaining the designation of Head Clerk in Postal Civil Wing as agreed by the Chief Engineer during the meeting with JCA held on 1-7-2011 :- This is very small issue and was agreed by the Chief Engineer during the meeting held with the JCA on 1-7-2011 and assured that orders will be issued within two months. So far orders have not been issued. The similar set up on par width other similarly situated departments like CPWD, CCW of AIR should be adopted in Postal Civil Wing also.

6. Forwarding of applications for posts in other departments : - The applications of the staff applying for higher posts in other departments or for deputations to other departments are not being forwarded stating the reason that shortage of staff. The issue was discussed with the Chief Engineer © on 1-7-2011 by the JCA during which the administration agreed with our view and assured that the representations of the staff will be forwarded on receipt. However, the decision of the administration is not being honored by the Superintending Engineers of Co-ordination circles. In fact in some circles staff are being harassed when they submit their applications to the department. The attitude of the administration towards staff should change and they should feel for the betterment of the staff and forward their applications without any delay. Strict instructions should be issued to the Superintending Engineers of the Co-ordination circles and if the instructions are not followed action should also be taken against the erring officers.

7. Allowing Civil wing clerical staff for departmental examinations like IPOs/JAO etc., : - The clerical staff in Civil Wing are not being allowed to compete with staff of other arms of the Department for the competitive departmental examinations like IPOs / JAOs which is hampering the promotional avenues of clerical staff. This is in violation of natural justice provided in the constitution of India. Hence, we request for allowing our civil wing staff also for all departmental examinations along with staff of other arms. The departmental officers should note that there are very few promotional avenues to the clerical staff of civil wing.

8. Publishing of revised recruitment rules in Postal Civil Wing as agreed by the Chief Engineer during the meeting with JCA held on 1-7-2011 : - The Chief Engineer during the meeting with the JCA held on 1-7-2011 assured that recruitment rules as per VIth CPC will be modified and published within three months. So far even the file has not been opened in the Directorate. This shows how much interest or importance the Directorate has given towards the decisions taken at the apex meeting with the Chief Engineer. It is astonishing to note that the MTS recruitment rules framed and issued vide Directorate No. No.25-2/2011-SPB-I, dt: 27-01-2011 for the regularization of Temporary Status Casual Mazdoors are not applicable to Civil Wing and so far the Civil Wing Officers have failed to adopt those orders for civil wing when several Temporary Casual Mazdoors are waiting from a very long time for regularization despite number of vacancies are existing. This is causing restlessness among the cadre.

9. Non-Implementation of Directorate orders in Postal Civil Wing by the Co-Ordination circles :- The SE`s of Co-ordination circles in Postal Civil Wing are not following the instructions given to them by the %the Chief Engineer in regard to cases relating to the staff. The Chief Engineer office also after issuing the instructions hardly care for their implementation which resulting in the non-settlement of the staff cases. For instance, the orders of the Chief Engineer regarding forwarding of representations of the staff for higher posts in other departments are not given cognizance and the clerical staff are being harassed when they are asking for the forwarding of applications. The orders of the Chief Engineer regarding working out of justified posts in maintenance based on the plinth area basis have not been even endorsed by the Superintending Engineers to the Divisions in any of the circle so far where as the orders were issued in August,2011.

10. Finalization of Recruitment Rules:- During the meeting with the Chief Engineer on 1-7-2011 over this issue the Chief Engineer assured to process this case and submit the revised Recruitment Rules within 4 months for approval to the concerned authorities. The case has not been even opened till date in the CWP section. The Chief Engineer has to give reasons for this enormous delay on the very important issue..

Hence, dear colleagues it is very high time to raise our voice and get our demands solved now. Hence, we call upon all civil wing staff to mobilize, organize and participate in the INDEFINITE STRIKE FROM 17-1-2012.


Comradely yours

( S. A. RAHEEM )

General Secretary,

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