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30th September 2011
Dear Comrades,

We have decided the following programmes of action in support of Charter of Demands as also in support of our demand for withdrawal of PFRDA Bill. On the demand of withdrawal of PFRDA Bill we are organising signature campaign on a memorandum to the Hon'ble Prime Minister. In support of Charter of Demands Dharma was to be organised in each state by COC or units of affiliates of Confederation in their stations/ office on 28th Sept. 2011. In support of our demand on PFRDA Bill, besides mass signature from the people at large the following programmes were decided.

1. To hold State level convention by 30th Sept. 2011 to popularise these demands.
2. To organise Raj Bhawan March in each State capital jointly by the participating organisations in the National Convention to submit memorandum to Prime Minister on 6th Sept. 2011 or any date prior to 30th September, 2011.
To get memorandum to Prime Minister printed either by COC or by the units of affiliates of organisations participating for distribution amongst members for getting signatures from family members and friends and the neighbours and to organise camps at major public points such as Railway Stations, Hospitals etc. to obtain signature of people at large.
3. To organise March to Parliament on 25th November, 2011 and submission of Memorandum to the Prime Minister.

From the reports it transpires that the signature campaign on memorandum to Prime Minister against PFRDA Bill is yet to pickup. This situation has developed because the mobilisation programmes of State level Conventions and March to Raj Bhawan have not been organised in most of the places.

It is therefore, requested that these programmes be implemented at the earliest by 20th October, 2011.
On the Charter of Demands finalized by Confederation the Departmental Conventions decided by the Secretariat also has not been implemented. This should be done at the earliest.

On 20th October, 2011, Demonstration before Chairman, Welfare Coordination Committee is to be organised under the banner of COC.

The arrangements may be made to get sufficient number of memorandum to PM printed and should be ensured that one copy of the same may be given to each member of the unit concerned with the direction to obtain signature of family members, friends and neighbors and Local steering Committee/COC/unit leaders may visit the aforementioned public places and obtain signature of public at large.
Local steering Committee/COC/unit leaders may assign the numbers to the signatures and keep them in neatly bound volumes and the leaders may carry these volumes and hand over one day before the March to Parliament.
The total number of signatures obtained in each centre may be intimated by SMS to mobile No. 098681 45667 or by email to Confederation HQr. by 18th November, 2011.

Simultaneously it is necessary that the number of people joining the March to Parliament from each station/Organisation has to be intimated to Confederation CHQ latest by 15th October, 2011 by SMS or email.
Confederation CHGQ has decided that all the organisations having Headquarters at New Delhi will ensure that the participants from their organisation are taken care of for their stay and other purposes. Confederation Headquarters will arrange accommodation in respect of other organizations having headquarters outside Delhi, if they give the number of participants latest by 20th October, 2011. This deadline has to be adhered to otherwise it may not be possible to arrange accommodation at the last minute.
General Secretary, COC of each state/station may intimate by sms or email whether the steering committee of organizations on PFRDA bill has been formed or not.

Chief Executives of all the affiliates of Confederation are requested to communicate on the steps taken by the Organisation for the effective and successful implementation of the decisions given above. Copy of the Circular issued by them to their Units/Branches may be endorsed to Confederation HQr without fail.

Confederation CHQ hopes that instructions given in this circular would be implemented in letter and spirit. Success of our movement solely depend your total indulgence in these tasks.

Yours fraternally

(KKN Kutty)
Secretary General

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