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Application for booking

1. Incomplete applications : The applications incomplete in any respect, or not accompanied with Demand Draft or not bearing the full amount of lodging charges, will be summarily rejected and returned by ordinary post.

2. Applications not verified by the Administrative Division : Such applications will not be entertained.

3. Retired government servants: Retired Government servants willing to avail the Holiday Home facilities should enclose self attested copy of the PPO. Retired government servants can be provided accommodation in Touring Officers’ Hostels, after meeting the requirement of touring and serving officers, on charges applicable to private persons.

4. Issue of Booking confirmation slips : The applicants should collect the Booking slips from the office of the allotting authority themselves. Otherwise, the Allotting Authority will dispatch the booking slip by ordinary post, at the risk of the applicant. The Allotting authority shall not be responsible for their loss or delay in delivery by the postal authorities. Therefore, applicants are advised to enclose a self addressed, sufficiently stamped envelope to receive the booking slip. Confirmation in respect of online applications will however not be despatched as these can be downloaded online by quoting booking request ID and I.D. Card no.

5. Priority in Booking : Ordinarily, the booking is released on ‘first-come first-served’ basis. However, the Allotting authority has a right to assign priority in booking in following order :

a. Sitting Member of Parliament

b. Central Govt. employees (on official visits)

c. Serving Central Govt. employee (on leave, LTC or personal visits)

d. State/PSU employees (on duty/leave)

e. Others

6. Emergency Quota : The Allotting Authority is authorized to keep any room in reserve to meet urgent requirements of unforeseen nature or to accommodate VIPs and/or Senior Officers. The Allotting Authority is empowered to reduce the period of booking, or to cancel the booking altogether, or change the previously booked room, to meet such emergent requirements.

7. Touring Officers’ Hostels : These hostels are meant primarily to facilitate the visiting officers during their official journeys. Therefore, the priority for booking in Touring officers’ Hostels is given to such officers. However, rooms remaining vacant after fulfilling the requirement of touring officers, can be made available to accommodate the Government employees during their visit to outstations on LTC, leave, etc.

8. AC Rooms : For AC rooms, the AC charges, wherever prescribed, will be charged even if guests choose not to make use of the Air-conditioners.

9. Rooms not occupied after Confirmed booking : After the confirmed booking, if the room/suite remains unoccupied for a period exceeding two days, the booking shall stand cancelled. The Allotting authority is empowered to allow such room/suite to be occupied by other guests.

10. Refunds : There is no provision for refund of reservation charges even if the accommodation is not occupied or partly occupied or vacated early. No correspondence regarding refund of booking charges will be entertained. Demand drafts, erroneously prepared in excess of the payable charges, should be replaced before the release of booking. Such excess payment will not be refunded after depositing of the Demand draft in Government treasury.

11. Booking of Additional room: Only one room/suite will be booked in the name of one Government servant/family. Additional room/suite will be allotted, subject to availability, on payment of rent, applicable to private persons, in exceptional circumstances, at the sole discretion of the Allotting Authority. However, there will be no advanced reservation of additional rooms.

12. Official Tour: The booking on grounds of official visits will be made only on furnishing of a copy of the city-wise tour program or a certificate from the Controlling authority, indicating clearly the duration of the tour program. In the absence of such a certificate, the rates applicable as on personal visit will be charged.

13. Booking in Holiday Homes/Hostels to officers on Transfer : The officers joining on transfer/posting at a new station, will not be treated as on official tour, and will not be treated at par with touring officers. Accordingly, they will not be entitled to avail the lodging facility in Holiday Homes/Hostels at the rates applicable to touring officers, but on rates applicable as on personal visit.

14. Period of booking: Accommodation is provided for a period not exceeding 10 nights (5 nights in season period). In Holiday Homes/Guest Houses like Mussurie, Goa, Udaipur, etc. which have very few units but attract visitors throughout the year, the period of stay has further been restricted to 3 nights maximum. In exceptional cases, accommodation in excess of this limit can be permitted with the prior approval of the Deputy Director, Directorate of Estates, New Delhi, wherever necessary, will obtain orders of the Director of Estates.

15. Advance payment of room rent : The Allotting authority is not obliged to provide accommodation in holiday home/hostel in cases where the applicant has not made advance payment of the room rent, along with the application form.


16. Only online applications shall be entertained for advance reservation for holiday homes where online facility has been commenced. Offline requests for advance reservation in such holiday homes will be summarily rejected.

17. Application will be considered for confirmation only after receipt of hard copy with requisite Demand draft, complete in all respects. Incomplete/unverified applications will not be entertained. Confirmation will be subject to availability.

18. Applications received after 10 days (including holidays) from the date of registration are liable to lose priority, assigned by Booking Request ID. Applications although registered but not received with DD within 20 days from the date of registration will be removed from the list of applicants.

19. Requests for Refunds/postponements after confirmation of booking, shall not be entertained.


20. Check-out time : 9 AM ; Check-in time: 11 AM to 12:00 noon. However, to avoid inconvenience to the visitors who reach the destination early in the morning after night journeys, the occupants are advised to vacate the rooms at the earliest on the last day of stay.

21. Right to Admission: The entry to the Holiday Home/Touring Officers’ Hostels will be strictly on production of valid Identity Card issued by the Government and the booking slip issued by the Allotting Authority. Occupation of room without booking slip/authority slip is not permitted.

22. Booking not transferable: Because of security considerations, the entry to the Holiday Home/Hostel will be restricted to the person whose name appears on the booking slip, and his/her dependent family members. The caretaking staff is authorized to disallow provision of accommodation if the applicant is not present physically at the time of checking in, even though he is carrying the confirmation slip. Likewise the entry of the additional persons accompanying the authorized visitor can also be refused

23. Dependent family members: if not accompanying the Government servant, they must carry alongwith confirmation letter, (a) a photocopy of the Government servant’s Identity card, (b) proof of their own identity specifying their relationship with the government servant, and (c) Certificate of Dependence issued by administrative authority of the applicant. Attested copy of the CGHS card containing their photographs can also be accepted for applicants covered under CGHS scheme.

24. Retired Government servants availing the facility of Holiday homes: As the entries in the Check-in/Arrivals Register are to be made by the Retired Government servant in their own writing, the presence of retired government servant is necessary at the time of checking in. A photocopy of the PPO should also be presented at the time of checking in.

25. Number of guests: The occupation of more than 4 persons (2 Adults and 2 children) in the double-bedded rooms is not permitted. The caretaking staff has been directed not to allow entry or provide service to the additional persons over and above the prescribed limit.

26. Visitors without Identity Card: Visitors carrying the booking slip but not carrying valid identity card issued by the Government, at the time of checking in, will be treated as private persons, and will be levied lodging charges as such.

During Stay

27. Facilities : The caretaking staff will provide to the guests the following items only once at the time of occupation of the rooms : toilet soap (small) – one, washed towel – one, washed bed-sheet/bed-cover – one set, washed pillow covers – one set, fresh toilet-paper roll. The guests are advised to make their own arrangement for additional needs as per their requirement.

28. Occupation after booking period : Unless extended by the Allotting Authority in writing, the occupation of the room, after expiry of the booking period, will be unauthorized. Such occupant(s) are liable to face eviction by the caretaking staff without any prior notice, and imposition of damages.

29. Washing charges : The caretaker is authorized to charge washing charges @ Rs.15 per day per room from the occupants and issue receipt. The fund so collected will be kept in the custody of the JE concerned with maintenance of the Holiday Home/Hostel, and will be used for washing the towels, bed-sheets, curtains, quilts periodically.

30. Catering facility: The catering charges wherever available will be settled by the guests with the caterer of the Holiday Home/household staff directly before check-out.

31. Feed-back : Any complaints/suggestions regarding maintenance, house-keeping, catering or misconduct on part of the caretaking staff should be brought to the notice of the Director of Estates, Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi, and/or the Allotting Authority in writing.

32. Cooking is strictly prohibited in the rooms of Holiday Homes/Hostels. 33. Proper decorum : The Guests are advised to maintain decency and decorum throughout the stay period. Causing inconvenience/disturbance to other inmates through noise or rowdy behaviour will be dealt with sternly. Consumption of intoxicants in the premises is strictly prohibited.

34. Pets are not allowed in the Holiday Homes/Touring Hostels.

35. Damage to property : The occupants will be liable to make good any damage/loss to property, fixture, fittings and furniture during the period of their stay in the Holiday Home/Hostel.

36. Visitors of the Guests : No unauthorized person(s) will be allowed to stay with or visit the Guests in the hostel/Holiday Home after 10 pm.

37. Breach of conditions : In case, the accommodation is not vacated on the expiry of the period or for breach of any terms and conditions stated above, the occupants will be summarily evicted physically, with force if necessary, without any notice, under Section 3-A of the Public Premises (Eviction of Unauthorized Occupants) Act of 1971, notwithstanding any other action that may be taken against him/her under the relevant Allotment Rules/Service Rules. They will also liable to pay market rate of licence fee as damages. Common grounds for non-acceptance of applications for booking

The application

has not been

made in the

prescribed form,

and forwarded

through the

Admn. Division.

Demand Draft

covering full

amount of room

charges has not

been enclosed

Enclosed Demand

Draft does not

contain full amount

of room charges.

The payee’s name

has not been


correctly in the

Demand Draft.


Division of the

applicant has not

forwarded the


Accommodation is

not available

during the

requested period.



cannot be booked

for more than 5

day in season

period. (Mussurie –

3 days)

The applicant is

not entitled to VIP


The application

has not been


Only one room is

booked in favour of

a Government

employee and/or

his/her family.

There are no AC

rooms / 4-bed

room/ dormitory

rooms in this

Holiday Home/

Touring hostel, as


No guest

accomm. at the

disposal of this

office, in the city

for which booking

has been sought.

The application

has been recd

very late. The

period of booking

has already


Copy of PPO has

not been enclosed.

A certified copy of

the Tour program

containing the

period of tour and

the city, not


This office is not

the Allotting

Authority for the



The Application

may be sent

directly to the


Allotting Authority

as mentioned in

the website


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